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Our whole chickens are delicious roasted, grilled, slow cooked or even cut up into pieces for fried chicken and make wonderful family dinners! Reach out to us for recipe ideas!

We raise Cornish Cross chicken on pasture, supplementing with a non-gmo North Carolina feed. Their meat is lean, flavorful and nutritious. 

Here are the products we offer:

Whole chicken

Stewing Hen

Boneless, skinless breast (2 pk)

Tenders (6 pk)

Leg quarters (2 pk)

Wings (6 pk)

Necks & Backs (for broth)

Livers (~1 lb)

Hearts (~1lb)

Feet (10 pk)


Want something special for a gathering of friends or family?! Try one of our delicious duck! It's yummy roasted, in the crock pot or if you want to go fancy, duck confit!

We raise Pekin duck on pasture, supplementing with a non-gmo North Carolina feed. We pluck our duck so that all the flavor-packed fat right under the skin is retained and makes for a yummy crisp skin when roasted. Oh! And you can save that decadent fat to cook potatoes or veggies in…yum.

Here are the products we offer:

Whole Duck

Breast (1 pk)

Leg Quarters (2 pk)

Livers (~1 lb)

Hearts (~1 lb)



Both our chicken & duck eggs have big golden yolks, are packed with protein & nutrients and are wonderful for everything from scrambled eggs for the family to your favorite cookie recipe!

Duck eggs are especially great for baking and for over easy eggs, as their yolks are larger and harder to break.

Our hens are raised in a mobile coop surrounded by a large portable fence that we move every week to fresh pasture. They are supplemented with a non gmo North Carolina feed.

Chicken eggs

Duck eggs



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