Our Values

Our farm exists to provide quality poultry products in a way that ensures happy and healthy animals, community, and farmers.

Happy and Healthy Animals

We responsibly raise and care for all of our animals as naturally as possible. We believe our animals are not simply commodities to be sold and proper stewardship requires balancing three major things: the health of our animals, maximizing safety and minimizing stressors, and encouraging natural habits. 

We are not going to play classical music and give foot massages to our birds, but we will treat them with respect and care for them appropriately. All of our birds are raised outdoors, on pasture utilizing mobile coops that allow us to rotate the birds to fresh pasture where they can forage, keep the birds clean and off their manure, protect them from predators, and effectively manage the pasture itself. Their diet consists of fresh forage, bugs, GMO-free feed from North Carolina, and natural supplements such as apple cider vinegar or garlic instead of routine antibiotics.

Happy and Healthy Community

We believe that the primary way we can serve our community well is to provide high quality products in both taste and nutrition. Every extra effort we take in caring for our animals has a direct effect on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Animals raised on pasture have been shown to produce meat & eggs higher in vitamins, with more balanced levels of omega fatty acids and lower in cholesterol & saturated fat, as well as a greatly reduced risk of food-borne illnesses.

Additionally, we have made the conscious choice to engage our community and customers directly to encourage transparency, personal relationships, and easily receive feedback, both positive and negative. Put simply, we need to know our community to serve our community. 

Finally, the hope for our farm is that it would not only be a business, but more so it would grow to be a place where friends, customers, and neighbors can enjoy themselves by hanging out, getting their hands dirty doing some chores, or sharing a meal together.

Happy and Healthy Farmers

In order to provide sustainably and responsibly raised or grown products for local communities, we have to have farmers and those farmers must be able to make a living. Farming is a necessary and honorable occupation. We don't want to be rich, but we also don't want to struggle to pay the bills every month or burn ourselves out. We simply want to farm and provide quality, local products at appropriate prices that provide a reasonable living for our family. We believe that if our main focus is raising our animals, improving our methods, loving our family, and serving our community that both our family and our community will come out better in the end.