Our Story

Hey Everyone! We are Joe and Rachel Shenk and we started Shenk Family Farm in 2017. We met in the spring of 2012 while Joe was a Marine Corps Officer at Cherry Point and Rachel was approaching her last year at UNC Chapel Hill. We were married that December and began praying and considering how we wanted to raise our family and live life.

We desired to raise our family in a way that we could grow together through hard, rewarding work and have a lot of meaningful time as a family. We both had some farming in our families and personal backgrounds, so it seemed to be the perfect melding of our personal and family values. 

So we bought a bunch of books, watched a lot of videos, and in 2016 decided to buy 40 chickens to raise in our backyard for meat. We honestly didn't know just how much better a pasture raised chicken could be, we just wanted to farm! We gave our first batch away to friends and family and we realized we had stumbled upon something that not only we enjoyed, but our community desired. 

Literally the same month we decided to name our farm “Shenk Family Farm”, we found out we were pregnant with our first baby! We welcomed Mason Warner Shenk into the family in the fall of 2017, which has added all the many blessings and stressors of parenthood to our daily lives, but it has all been worth it to see God's provision as our family and farm grow!

We're not going to lie, it hasn't been easy and our journey so far has been one with lots of ups and downs. We had been blessed to lease pasture a few minutes from our house to start with and prayed for guidance and provision to move onto a much needed larger space as we sought to expand the farm. In February 2019, God provided 20 acres for us to lease. We are now looking forward to adding pigs and cows to the farm!

In addition to farming, Joe also does custom tile work, but our hope is that one day, we will farm full time.

Along the way, our desire to farm has been reinforced time and time again. Since starting the farm, we've become more passionate and informed about the benefits of food grown locally and naturally - food that's nourishing for you physically, but also you can trust was grown with the utmost care. We consider it such a privilege to be parents to Mason and stewards of this farm. We look forward to the rest of our journey to provide trusted quality food to our local community.