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If you chose package 2 or 3, how would you prefer your chicken? This isn't committing you to either one, but just helps for planning purposes.
For instance, $20 of chicken would get you either a whole bird (roughly 4lb) or roughly 1.5lb breasts or 3 lb leg quarters, 3.5 lb wings, etc. Whole is the best value, especially since you get all those good bones for broth!
If you raise your own chickens or would like to sub your eggs for something else, choose what you'd like instead.
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You can pay in full now, or pay half now and the other half by May 31st. Please mail your check to us with "Farm Family" in the memo line.
Both you and the person who referred you get $5 credit!
We plan to expand beyond poultry this year, woohoo! Check all the items below that you'd be interested in.