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Please fill this form out with the items you'd like to receive monthly.

Keep in mind, we will give you as close to your requested items as nature allows, but sizes are not always guaranteed and eggs are not always available as production ebbs and flows with the seasons.

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Small (<4.5lb): $20 Medium (4.5-5.5lb): $25 Large (>5.5lb): $30
Small (<4.5lb): $28 Medium (4.5-5.5lb): $35 Large (>5.5lb): $42
Since we only have a limited supply, we can only offer 1 dozen per family per month.
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This will be credited back to your end of year orders. Please make check payable to "Shenk Family Farm" and mail to the address on our website. If paying by card, an invoice will be sent to you by email.