Join our FARM FAMILY to count on

quality, local food monthly


Perks of joining our Farm Family

  • We will reserve your requested products each month, so you can count on fresh, quality poultry on a regular basis

  • You will receive our lowest prices

  • Early notification about new and seasonal products such as Thanksgiving turkeys, information on special promotions and events, and opportunities to visit our farm for learning and fun


Our Commitment

  • Provide quality poultry products on a monthly basis between April and December (January to March as available) as close to your requests as nature allows

  • Provide a schedule of pick-up dates

  • Be a resource to you as you navigate feeding your family the best food possible


Your Commitment

  • Have monthly order of at least one whole chicken or duck (eggs and giblets can be added on)

  • Pick up fresh products on monthly processing days (usually the second Saturday of the month) between 4-6pm or frozen the following Tuesday from 10am-12pm or 4-6pm

  • Sow into our farm by paying a $50 deposit, which will be credited back to your end of year orders (non-refundable if default on pickup or payment twice)

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